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Horror > Sacred and Profane

Chimney Rock Andrew Jordan
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Size: 5" x 8"
Binding: Perfect Bound
The Bounty Hunter Reese
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781645501657
The informant world is about to become dislodged by The Bounty Hunters. They feel their work is justified when a young woman is sentenced to life in federal prison for running a drug cartel. She don't think twice about putting a bounty out on the heads of her enemies. Things get carried away when the government call in a group of special forces from within the National Security Agency for assistance to salvage the situation. Dead public servants are cropping up all over the United States . Will the government succeed in derailing these American vigilantes?
The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 10 Editor-in-Chief: Nickolaus Albert Pacione
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Size: 6.13" x 9.21"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781944541163
Issue 10 of the magazine stirred the most controversy and with the two anthologies being arranged they have the most kinship with both. It's the one that critics love to hate with a passion; this magazine houses a nonfiction work as N. A. Pacione as Pacione appeared in Withersin 1.1: Birth Issue. It's the one where the ex-contributor got the magazine pulled and got him pulled from over his truth telling. Apt #2W inspired one the contributors in Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: More From A Library Of Unknown Horrors. The Pattern Of Diagnosis and this entry saw something unique where publishers were studying his video blog to capture his slang terms as now on Urban Di ...