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Dark Days, White Devil Tony Arnold
Books with a 4 star rating(5)
Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
This book of fictional histories harnesses the unremitting absurdity of the self-satirizing modern globalist agenda and presents the reader with a roach's-eye-view of our topsy-turvy world, populated with outer space aliens, Earthbound weirdos, transhumanist cretins, ancient sages, mischievous disincarnate intelligences, and raging identity lunatics. It will help the bewildered reader dissect and resist the Commie nonsense virus with the flamethrower of truth, common sense, and outlaw humor. Volume 23 of the Whisanant Mythos.
Stolen Identity RoShawn C. Evans
Books with a 4 star rating(25)
Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9780692974827
Your personal identity describes who you are, who you aspire to be, or who people perceive you to be. The majority of us have been told in our lives at one time or another that we can be whoever or whatever we want to be, but what happens when someone else makes that decision for you without your honest consent? Typically in our society when someone's identity is stolen, there are a series of laws and agencies in place to remedy that issue; however, when it is the lawmaker that is the thief of your identity what recourse do you have? Who do you tell? Who can help you? Who will believe you? Stolen Identity is a story about a young man's battle with a dysfunctional family, a faulty cri ...