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Angkor Ecology / Sustainable Khmer: A Brief Natural History of the Khmer Capital R. Terry Schnadelbach,FAAR
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Size: 8" x 10"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Preface Angkor was the ancient capitol city of the great Khmer civilization from the IXth to XVIth Century. It covered over 200 square kilometers on alluvial fans of the Kulen Plateau and the alluvial plains bordering the great lake, Tongle Sap. On these lands, the Khmers tested seven different sites in succession before intensively developing Angkor. Here, over 200 major monuments in brick, laterite and sandstone testify to the art, religion and cultural achievements of the Khmer Civilization. The sustainabity of Angkor will be described and evaluated against five basic tenets of Ecology: All things are related Organisms will seek and inhabit environments which will sustain life a ...
Lighton and Lightan Particles Are the Interconnection of Universal Energy: The Interconnectivity of Micro-Subatomic Electromagnetism to Universal Gravity Daniel R. Gowen
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Size: 8.5" x 11"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781736058411
I'm thankful for my twin-brother, Randy, who asked me about perpetual engines, and Albert Einstein’s August 3, 2019 Facebook news-media request for someone to solve Universal Gravity, and my insightful thinking that sparked a Light-on my Sun-Ray Particle Theory to solve the Universal Gravity mystery of how the universe works. I began by theorizing that Sun-Rays are individual particles of micro-energy that transfer through space and atoms, onward into planetary polarity to the planet's core, and balance planetary polarity with the solar system, galaxy, and galactic Black Hole equilibrium circuits, where a Reformation Process compresses matter into new planets and Stars that then flow pas ...
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