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Science & Nature > Environmental Politics

FAIR SHARES Will Schnack
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Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
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Permaculture practitioners often focus on the very important aspects of gardening or farming and home economics. Indeed, Ralph Borsodi, one of the original “back to the landers” focused on the same things, and found them integrally necessary to human freedom and flourishing as well as ecological sustainability. However, Ralph Borsodi was also interested in economy beyond the walls of the home, and out in the wider community. This wider interest in community economics can also be found in the later pages of permaculture founder Bill Mollison's textbook, Permaculture, a Designers’ Manual, as well as in other works. Mollison, however, places much less emphasis on this than he does on ecolog ...
Open Your Mind Roshawn C. Evans
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ISBN: 9781648581304
People are always saying, the mind is a terrible thing to waste, but how often do we find ourselves not using our brains to its maximum potential by simply going along with traditions, popular thought, societal norms, religious mandates, or science theories? Open your mind is a book that will push you to challenge conventional thinking, explore controversy, but most importantly develop one’s own analysis around various topics.