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A Landscape Of Colossians LaVerne Eubanks (hosting) with Et. Al. being the contributors. Dr. Anthony Chukuma, M.B.B.S handled the introduction.
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781642546019
🪔 Laverne EuBanks saw a Scripture backfire on Anointed Writer's Spotlight when Pacione invited a rhetorical question into the fold. She was bantering and invited Col 2:8 to the table not knowing the controversial author was effectively able to illustrate this [photo from those sessions are paired with his 2014 thesis. This thesis shown some of his roster inner workings, and with nonprofit known as Creative Commons. She be featuring some that one never thought would rub shoulders in their lifetime.] The ISBN-less authors were hard to tap for this but she ended up seeing two pastors on the fold with Fatima Stephens from the project, A Library Of Unknown Horrors in the 2010 reboot comi ...
December Sky - Beyond My Undocumented Life Evelyn Cortez-Davis
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Size: 5" x 8"
Binding: Perfect Bound
DECEMBER SKY is the true story of a Central American child transplanted to suburban Los Angeles, among the one million who took part in the Salvadoran Diaspora of the 1980s. Her story recounts her family's risky trip through Mexico to flee a civil war and a young girl's years as an undocumented student with American ideals, who realizes her vision of a college degree. DECEMBER SKY is one of thousands of unspoken success stories made possible by the Amnesty Act of 1986, which allowed so many to reach beyond their underground lives as undocumented immigrants.
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ISBN: 9781620300022
From Sovereign to Serf author Roger Sayles has done a masterful job of enumerating exactly where our rights come from, how they are interpreted legally, and how they have been continually eroded since virtually the inception of the Republic, and certainly since the 14th Amendment and subsequent legal deceptions. This is a topic I have been looking into over the last several years, and been exposed to through various groups and activists, but I have not seen a clearer, more thoroughly documented explanation as to how we have arrived at the point we are currently at. - Gary Kinghorn. The Dollar Vigilante
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The pioneering book on feudal languages written at least more than 20 years back. And how they affect almost every known and unknown attribute of living beings. The entry of feudal languages can cause terrific social and mental changes, and create terrible changes in human relationships and emotions, in native-English nations. It is possible to check the veracity of these predictions as of now. For, this book was actually written many years ago, when native-English nations were not much inundated with feudal languages. Everything can go awry. Unexplainable technological disasters, climate going berserk, peaceful and decent individuals going homicidal, policemen going trigger- ...
Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: More From A Library Of Unknown Horrors Edited by Nickolaus Albert Pacione Featuring Various Contributors (et. al.) Introduction: Mick Mercer
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781944243722
I had waited until Panic Press was good and dead before I planned the proper sequel for the first namesake as this is the U.S. Trade Paperback edition of the anthology the ISBN for the edition well also the UK edition so those who can see the book in book stores can carry this one in the states. The introduction for this version was handled by Mick Mercer. I will say this, the breakout author who was introduced is a horror actress so she really got into the design work. The photos she did came under my input and I didn't believe she pulled this off too so if you want this one take your pick at the size. The cover is based on my meta-horror beast Wandering In Darkness as this features T ...