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15 Minutes a Day in Colossians julie coleman
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Size: 7.44" x 9.68"
Binding: Spiral Bound
ISBN: 9780984516421
Have you noticed how secular philosophies have eroded the Biblical foundation of today's church? The first century church at Colosse had the same problem. False teachers were gaining ground, dismissing foundational truths and promising greater fulfillment and happiness in their convoluted religious teachings. In response, Paul penned his letter to the Christians in Colosse--an invaluable resource for every Christian. This study of Colossians is designed for the busy person interested in finding what God's Word has to say to the twenty-first century Christian. In less than a month, what you learn will transform your thinking and your life.
A Study in Galatians - Understanding God's Covenant of Grace D Gray
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9798885673976
About this book: This 13-week Bible Study in the book of Galatians follows the general format of Jesus’ message to the seven churches in the book of Revelation. There the Lord both encourages and exhorts—He commends good work and challenges believers to identify and strengthen weak points. This study series does the same—presenting the material in Galatians as if Jesus were speaking to the church today. Scripture is timeless. I pray individuals and small groups around the world will be inspired and encouraged as they take a new look at the dynamic principles and promises in the Word of God. To contact Gary, or for information on his ministry work, visit or ...
Mystery Babylon the religion of The Beast Rav Sha'ul
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
The angelic realm perverted the Creator's Gospel message written in the stars but it was in Babylon that lie became a formal religion. We are commanded to come out of this religion and not partake in her sins. Before we can cleanse our lives of these pagan traditions we must first know what rituals and gods defined the religion in Babylon. In this book we will look at Nimrod the founder of Babylon and how he became Ba'al the sun god. We will look at Semaramis, his wife, who became the fertility goddess Ishtar/Easter. We will examine closely the religion Semaramis created to maintain power after Nimrod's death. We will look at Semaramis' son Tammuz whom she claimed was given to her by the ...