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The Ultimate Guide To Supplements for Bodybuilding and Weight Training Tom Mione
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Size: 8.5" x 11"
Binding: Perfect Bound
The supplement market is flooded with misinformation and false promises. We break down all protein sources, supplements, and drinks so you know what to put in your body, when, how much, and why. If your looking to stand on stages one day, or just trim down some extra body fat, you will be taken through how the body works to achieve and maximize any result goal you have instore. If your already an advanced lifter and want to gain a competitive edge, we have you covered. If your just starting out, or just want to improve your strength, size, and confidence, we have you covered. This will walk you step by step on what are the best sport supplements to take, when to take them, why take th ...
Yoga Does It! Sofia Friedman
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781620307137
This book details the author’s personal journey in living with Sjögren’s Syndrome, a highly debilitating chronic illness, and how she overcame its weakening effects using yoga, nutrition, and meditation. Shortly after her Sjögren’s was detected, she underwent a complete hip replacement due to necrosis of the head of her femur. She tells the story of the surgery and the rehabilitation period as she explores the processes of healing and aging and how they unfold at the physical and emotional levels. Step by step she shows how she reversed Sjögren’s multiple manifestations and how the practices of yoga and meditation along with the adjustment of diet can lead to better physical, intellectua ...
You (Only Faster) Greg McMillan
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
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