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You Only Get One

You Only Get One cover image
You Only Get One cover image You Only Get One cover image You Only Get One cover image
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by: Josh Sigafus
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Publication Date: March 20, 2016
Book Size: 5" x 8"
Pages: 173
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
Increase your happiness and diminish your suffering by changing your perception of yourself and the world around you...

A process of self-awareness, emotional evolution, and personal enlightenment.

Why do we suffer? Why do we feel isolated and alone? Why are we often left unsatisfied and unhappy with our work, hobbies, and relationships? How can we overcome our tendency to focus on the negative, and find more peace and positivity in our lives?

In every life, there exists a balance between happiness and suffering. Most people, however, don't realize that the majority of our negativity is actually self-inflicted.

In this life-defining work of self-awareness and emotional evolution, Joshua K. Sigafus outlines the thoughts and concepts that helped him to master his own journey from suffering to happiness. It's a journey of healing, hope, and the realization that every life has the potential to be miraculous.

Customer Comments
Gailya Sanders
Posted: June 14, 2016
Customer comment 5 star rating
Lovely book about a man and his journey.