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Words are Powerful

Words are Powerful cover image
Words are Powerful cover image Words are Powerful cover image Words are Powerful cover image
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by: Shana Marie
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Publication Date: September 7, 2020
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 65
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Color

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Book Synopsis
Words direct our paths, shape our attitudes, alter our directions, and fill our minds. Every day, our ears are filled with stories that are made up of words. These stories have the power to alter our perception. Preachers urge us to put on the suit of armor, which is God's word because God's word is truth protecting us from the enemy's lies.

Begin practicing positive and hope-filled words today that will lead you into victory tomorrow. Write down and leave behind the hate and despair between the pages of this journal. Study God's word, commit it to memory and stand on it as truth. Watch the world, as you know, begin to change.

Words are Powerful is the 5th book in a twelve-part series called The Details. The series supports the brokenhearted and celebrates the joyous in spirit. May God lead you during your time between the pages and always.
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About The Author
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As a child, I recognized I could babble my way into my loving parents' arms or a tussling match with my siblings. Words mattered, and as I went through life, I left a footprint to prove it. At times, I was the heart-breaker, and at other times, I was the one with the broken heart. But one thing is right; my words led me to be where I am today.
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