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What Really Matters? Workbook

What Really Matters? Workbook cover image
What Really Matters? Workbook cover image What Really Matters? Workbook cover image What Really Matters? Workbook cover image
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by: Clinton Macomber
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Publication Date: August 11, 2017
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 86
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781936415083

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Book Synopsis
What Really Matters? Everyone has an opinion! But no one has the answers. We try to figure out day to day what matters, and if left to our own devices will get it wrong. God created us, watches us constantly, knows our ancestry, and is frankly the only one that can answer this question.
It is often a difficult thing to close down the entire racket: the advertisers, the advisors, the friends, the relatives, the neighbors, the scientists, the doctors, the politicians, etc. If we are going to hear God, and His advice, we have to turn the volume switch off on everyone in this world. It takes time alone with God and His word before we will even begin to understand what really matters.
The book of Daniel follows the lives of this great and wise man from his youth through his elderly years. He was an incredible statesman that lived through several regime changes, but always came out on top. From day one, teams of experts were trying to get him thrown out and destroyed, but none of them ever succeeded. Daniel’s success lies in the fact he understood what really matters, and that is explained in his book.
Our desire in covering this incredible Bible book is not to get stuck on the incredible stories, or the majestic prophetic rendition, but instead to focus on the practical day-to-day lessons given to us by Daniel the prophet. Using his life as an example, we can learn what really matters in our lives today.
This presentation is just the beginning of a lifelong process that a Christian should follow, in order to fully develop and be ready for full-time service in heaven. This book and its accompanying workbook are not meant for anyone but the devout Christian, and sincere follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. This book will not make you a Christian, but is intended to enable a Christian to grow and prosper spiritually.
This is the workbook that goes with the main text: What Really Matters? It is the parts that were separated out to reduce the cost of the book and to enable the workbook to be used and replaced as needed. The workbook has word search puzzles for each chapter and a devotional guide for each week. With them the process of meditating on the subject can be expanded from a brief text, to something to do each day to keep the subject active in the mind longer.
Take advantage of this great work and get into your Bible for some serious study and prayer! It will change your life for the better!
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