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Wanna be Smart and great?

Wanna be Smart and great? cover image
Wanna be Smart and great? cover image Wanna be Smart and great? cover image Wanna be Smart and great? cover image
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by: Sayed Abuelmagd
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Publication Date: November 27, 2018
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 136
Binding: Perfect Bound

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Book Synopsis
"Wanna be smart and great?" is a delightful book that can inspire you to live as smart and great. It's a perfect read if you are looking for something motivational and inspiring.

Pick up this book and you won't be disappointed! Be prepared to thoroughly enjoy the inspiration of the writer Sayed Ibrahim Abuelmagd and walk away changed.

It will open your mind up to new possibilities while dusting off crusty old styles.
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About The Author
Sayed Ibrahim Abuelmagd

E: T: 01271497966
Professional Summary
Highly capable professional English teacher with a focus on student learning and engagement. Experienced teacher and facilitator with 40 years of service in the postsecondary academic setting. Dedicated to teaching students the principles of college-level writing, literature analysis, and close reading. Exceptional knowledge of delivering instruction with technology and empowering students to use valuable resources. Excellent understanding of curriculum development and assessment methods based on research and practice.
-Excellent ability to facilitate and teach difficult concepts to students, including breaking down topics, scaffolding, re-teaching, and checking for understanding. -Exemplary oral and written communication skills when delivering lectures to students and communicating with staff or other members of the university. -Ability to foster beneficial and supportive relationships with students and other faculty members. -Motivated to work independently, achieve my personal best, publish valuable research, and be a contributing member of the university community. -Strength to persist despite obstacles, such as lack of resources, a limited amount of class time, and other challenges in the classroom.
Work Experience
English Teacher
December 1977 – 2000

• Develop a scope and sequence of learning activities using university course objectives, curriculum standards, and student learning goals.
• Evaluate student work, such as literary writing, research papers, and analysis tasks, by using teacher-developed rubrics and holistic practices.
• Lead semester-long student research projects and assist with topic selection, idea development, and sourcing to support a university-wide focus on comprehensive research.

English Teacher
January 2000 – 2018
• Conducted lectures each day for undergraduate and graduate-level courses on a variety of topics related to English literature or language.
• Coached students in developing solid prose when writing literary analysis papers by going over drafts and suggesting revisions and edits.
• Led a committee to create a student writing center to assist students struggling with the basics of academic writing.

Academic Degrees:
1-Faculty of Arts English Department,
2-Moray House Institute Of Education at Heriot-Watt University:
I have completed a course of study in Teacher Development English as a Foreign Language.
3-Cambridge: Training college in Britain:
I have successfully completed the College Program of Training and passed the final examination in the field of
Teaching English As A Foreign Language TEFL Diploma With Grade : Merit.
International training company registered in England and Wales: Number:7147750 UK.
Professional certificate in teaching English as a foreign language ( TEFL).
Grade (Merit).
5- I got a Degree in “conventions of Dramatic Scripts” from Heriot-Watt University.

Hobbies and Interests
After my teaching day has ended, I spend much of my free time working on writing and publishing my original stories. When each story has been completed, I publish it on Amazon. I sponsor several poetry activities as a volunteer. I have organized a poetry night event that is held once a month in one of the dining halls for poetry reading and discussion.

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