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Uni Until Now - The John Cross Chronicle

Uni Until Now - The John Cross Chronicle cover image
Uni Until Now - The John Cross Chronicle cover image Uni Until Now - The John Cross Chronicle cover image Uni Until Now - The John Cross Chronicle cover image
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by: Jerry Petermann
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Publication Date: October 9, 2013
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 200
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781620304556

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Book Synopsis
In this 21st century world, all morality has been set aside to create ever newer and more improved tools of war. Nothing is out of bounds. Life itself is on the drawing board for radical modifications, and it seems there is virtually no thought to the consequences.

When do we say that “The Ends DO NOT Justify the Means”? Is there any with such courage? Perhaps, it must ultimately, and sadly, fall to those exploited by this system gone mad.

Tomorrow is not here. It will be. Then, we must look back to this time and asked ourselves what did we do “back then” to avert the suffering of so many? Moreover, we will ask, could we have done anything? Is tomorrow merely the inevitable result of time, unstoppable time, marching forward? Can we even know?

In the end, human love and the celebration of life must triumph. Yes, even in Tomorrow, this must be.

“Uni Until Now” is such a celebration and a determined stand against the inevitability of a world gone mad, tomorrow.
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About The Author
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Author of several additional works, Petermann's love of writing began at the age of 10. Traveling the world, his heart is in the adventure; from Rome to the the Amazon to amazing ancient sites of South America and the Great American Southwest.
Working for many years closely with facets of the U.S. Government, he learned early not everything will see the light of day and those protecting secrets never give up. A nuclear scientist, wireless engineer and environmental systems inventor, he found reality is seldom as it seems.
More stories await.
Tomorrow, the sequels.
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