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Trees Weep (Chosen One)

Trees Weep (Chosen One) cover image
Trees Weep (Chosen One) cover image Trees Weep (Chosen One) cover image Trees Weep (Chosen One) cover image
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by: Nicholas Sinclair Schrage
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Publication Date: January 3, 2014
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 672
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9780985858827

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Book Synopsis
CONTROVERSIAL THEME--In BOOK TWO, Trees Weep (Chosen One), the Perkins' Place is under attack in Virginia, while Jack and Ryan Walsh struggle for their lives in the west. Four of their friends travel across the country to seek out remaining clans and tribes for the Gathering: the assembly to unite Native Americans for the first time in history. When Ryan's visions are interpreted, the results of mankind's grisly crimes are shown and the possible future of society. This forces the Gathering to accompany Ryan back to Virginia because he is the Chosen One. Before this mystery can reach its conclusion, they must fight the pinnacle battle that began five years before--when Frank's family was murdered. A battle of right and wrong. One they must win, not only to save their lives, but the Native American way of life as well. In the second part of this amazing journey, the future of Native American Indians remains in the hands of seven friends and those they gather along the way.
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About The Author
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Nicholas Sinclair Schrage is the author of several novels. He was born in the Midwestern United States. He is a Navy Veteran and was honorably discharged after eleven years. He has over thirty years experience as a Technical Writer and is presently working as an Author on fictional novels, as an Artist working with tooled leather, and as an Independent Publisher of printed books and novels. Nicholas lives in the American Southwest with his wife and muse Teresa, and their dog Rojo.
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