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To Hope For The Future

To Hope For The Future cover image
To Hope For The Future cover image To Hope For The Future cover image To Hope For The Future cover image
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by: James Huber
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Publication Date: January 20, 2018
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 213
Binding: Perfect Bound

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Book Synopsis
A trilogy is complete, To Challenge the Present, it is the story of King George Washington and his descendants. He is aided by the figures we know in history, but these figures are different. Jefferson, Franklin, Francis Marion, Henry Knox, Sally Hemmings and the King of England, all combine to see the revolution in a new light. The descendants have to fight off a Communist type country of France and New France.
The second part is to Honor the Past. Here we see The ultra strong country of Mexico, the richest on the North American Continent. They work with the King of New England to fight off aggressors and further conflict. George Patton, Dave Eisenhower, Frank Roosevelt all have a part along with the Emperor of Mexico.
Part three, Hope for the Future involves cooperation, again, with the forces of Mexico to fight off a warlord in South East Asia. He uses a dedicated commando and his Intelligence officer to sink ships and attempt assassinations. Several Characters return from book one.
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About The Author
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James Huber has written over twenty novels and has won several international awards, including novel of the year, OBJECTIVE:FREEDOM. His book CHRISTOPHER, was an award winner in the Southern Fiction genre. A Time of No Return was an award winner last year.
James is a retired USAF man and retired as a teacher.
His books are all available on and KINDLE
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