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Time With God 31 Days of Prayer

Time With God 31 Days of Prayer cover image
Time With God 31 Days of Prayer cover image Time With God 31 Days of Prayer cover image Time With God 31 Days of Prayer cover image
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by: Five Fold Fellowship Incorporated
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Publication Date: February 3, 2018
Book Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Pages: 57
Binding: Spiral Bound
ISBN: 9781642549973

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Book Synopsis
This prayer book is a daily guide to bring you into the presence of God. Each day as you read and meditate God will meet you and minister to your mind, and soul. Man was created to be in the presence of God (Genesis 3:8), but because of sin was disconnected (Genesis 3:24). Jesus has reconnected us to God (Romans 5:17-18), but we must spend time with him (Luke 18:1). Jesus spent time with God while in His physical body (Mark 1:35). I pray that this book will encourage you to spend more time with God, as well as enhance your time with God.

Customer Comments
Posted: February 1, 2019
Customer comment 0 star rating
What does the inside look it just blank pages or are there things like quotes scriptures verses......words of encouragement.........just asking because im looking for a book that will help me in my quiet time.....THANK YOU
Jacqueline Fleeks
Posted: June 1, 2020
Customer comment 0 star rating
They are prayers for different areas of our lives. (i.e praying for children, family, government...) I will have to see why the pages appear blank. Thank you for letting us know.
About The Author
We are a Family - We are
Fathering Sons according to I Corinthians 4:15;
Assisting Ministers, Elders, and Pastors in their development; II Timothy 2:2
Meeting Needs - Matthew 25:35-36
Inspiring Leaders John 20:22
Loving Unconditionally Matthew 22:39
Yoking together for the cause of Christ, Church and Clan(Family)
Psalm 133