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The WIZARD of WISHES cover image
The WIZARD of WISHES cover image The WIZARD of WISHES cover image
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by: Vic Van Maren Jr
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Publication Date: December 2, 2012
Book Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Pages: 43
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
The WIZARD of WISHES … A Magicardstory™ A Magic Card Story told by you and a deck of playing cards. Even though you have someone cut the cards 5 different times, the cards match the story as it unfolds, creating a ... MAGICAL ILLUSION ... of the CARDS ... {{{{ APPEARING }}}} … AS YOU SPEAK!
Your audience WILL be delighted with AWE, wondering, how it is possible for you to keep track of all 53 cards after they cut them. A story about Little Willy, someone whose greatest delight is getting people together for a party and keep it running smoothly, so everyone has fun. He meets an old friend Merlin, who had just bought a new home and knows of his friends magical abilities. Merlin loves to grant wishes to the many friends he meets. Merlin asks Little Willy if he has set up any parties lately, Little Willy says, "No, not lately." Merlin sees a perfect opportunity to rekindle their friendship and asks Little Willy to go find some people, bring them to his new home and they will have a party. Little Willy smiles and says he would be glad to, and off he goes. He finds lots of people for the party, they play poker and he wins some money. On the way home from the poker game he meets a policeman and is questioned. Little Willy finishes his night with a flare of the dramatic.
A great way to break the ice with someone you want to meet, improves your confidence and improve your memory skills. This magical story will amaze, mystify and mesmerize your audience, as they will wonder how it is possible for you to keep all those cards in order. Only you will know the secret.
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