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The Tatum Chronicles

The Tatum Chronicles cover image
The Tatum Chronicles cover image The Tatum Chronicles cover image The Tatum Chronicles cover image
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by: Gene "Chip" Tatum
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Publication Date: April 30, 2014
Book Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 104
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781980922681

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Book Synopsis
George H.W. Bush, William Barr, Robert S. Mueller, Ollie North, the CIA, and many others have a list of dark secrets in common. The Tatum Chronicles bring there secrets to light. Here yu will find players like Barry seal, George H.W. Bush, William Barr, Robert Mueller, Manuel Noriega, the CIA, the DEA and many other conspirators in the drug Trade revealed.
Customer Comments
Posted: August 23, 2022
Customer comment 0 star rating
This book is very relevant to 2022 despite being published in 2014. Chip Tatum's ability to "read the room" probably saved his life and most certainly preserved important historical information/documentation for American's.
God Speed, Chip!
About The Author
Author bio image
Gene "Chip" Tatum, a native of St.Petersburg Florida, was a Vietnam Special Forces Air Combat Controller, Defense Intelligence Asset, and US Army special operations pilot flying classified missions during the US invasion of Grenada, Tatum was also involved in the Nixon Administrations relations with China, NASA's Apollo Program, the Iran-Contra Affair, and several other classified intelligence operations dating through through 1992 . Working directly for the sitting Presidents. From sensitive and highly secret - and hitherto largely unknown - Special Forces covert operations in Cambodia, to wandering CIA asset, through to "black ops" activities in Grenada and Oliver North's Iran-Contra "Enterprise." Tatum knows where the skeletons are buried.
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