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The Supremacists' Conspiracy

The Supremacists
The Supremacists The Supremacists The Supremacists
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by: Douglas Lawton
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Publication Date: June 15, 2020
Book Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Pages: 80
Binding: Perfect Bound

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Book Synopsis
Conspiracy theories have been around for a long time and will always be with us. Some theories are based on fact, some on fiction. The Supremacists’ Conspiracy is a humorous story of the efforts of supremacists to keep people who are not of their ilk in line and out of the mainstream of society. In this work, elements of truth are skillfully interwoven with fiction to present a compelling and heart-wrenching story. The themes are timely, forcing readers to grapple with issues some are either too ashamed to talk about or too timid to confront. The suggested reading list at the back of the book is invaluable in terms of providing supporting material for the story and in continuing the discussion on themes worth investigating.
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