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The Seventh Shard

The Seventh Shard cover image
The Seventh Shard cover image The Seventh Shard cover image The Seventh Shard cover image
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by: Mark Rodgers
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Publication Date: February 14, 2017
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 250
Binding: Perfect Bound

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Book Synopsis
Rennes, Brittany, 800: Nine Druid priests gather around the sacred fires to decide the fate of their most holy icon. The High Priestess and the Keeper of the ancient text are charged with finding a way to keep the powerful avatar out of the hands of invading Franks. As Domonaan Bleutage prepares to carry out his solemn duty, a voice speaks from the darkness, admonishing the priests to find another solution.

Columbus, Ohio, 1994: Following the departure of Kyle Daarmon Brant, his wife Blair has taken the reigns of the Daarmon Foundation and all its subsidiaries. Only by burying her husband was she able to find peace and move on with her life. With a new husband and two young children to care for, Blair Hart does not have the time nor the inclination to carry on his quest for magic stones.

Blair has all but forgotten the Tierre Tablet until she discovers that a group of radical zealots is also looking for it. She has no idea what lengths these fanatics are willing to go until her she senses that her family is endangered. Reluctantly, she continues the quest to find the seventh and final shard of the Sacred Tierre Tablet. A quest that threatens the security of her family and puts her own life at risk.

Tommy O’Brien has discovered that his special talent for mind control has affected those around him in ways he could never suspect. He has fulfilled his dream of becoming a doctor and yet he is still haunted by the magick ring that he inherited from the magician. Also, he is plagued by the memory of a young girl who stalks him and challenges everything he believes he knows about himself.

The Seventh Shard continues the saga of Daarmon the magician as new enemies arise and old enemies resurface. Once more, the freedom to worship as one pleases comes under attack and the heroes must pull together to defeat the dark forces that threaten their community and possibly the whole world.
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