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The Otherwhere Chronicles Book One: Saloon at the Edge of Everywhere

The Otherwhere Chronicles Book One: Saloon at the Edge of Everywhere cover image
The Otherwhere Chronicles Book One: Saloon at the Edge of Everywhere cover image
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by: Arthur Browne
Books with a 4 star rating  (4)
Publication Date: March 29, 2013
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 168
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
Arthur Blacke might be the universe's least likely hero. He is over fifty years old and works as a custodian in a Texas saloon on a big, alien space station called the Hub. He is lazy, opinionated, and self-absorbed. He has, to put it mildly, a complete lack of ambition. The high point of his life is the weekly poker game he hosts with a strange cast of alien and human friends. When the poker game is interrupted by alien pirates in a hijacked cruise liner, Arthur leads a ragtag assortment of misfit aliens and humans on a daring mission to free the hostages.  
Customer Comments
Judith Atwood
Posted: May 23, 2013
Customer comment 4 star rating
I met this author through his blog, and I anticipated reading this book. I am so glad I did. Sardonic humor is one of Mr. Browne's true strengths, and he wields it like a rapier throughout the story. I am waiting anxiously for the rest of the volumes of the Chronicles. Good job, Art. Keep it up!
H.E. Ellis
Posted: July 27, 2013
Customer comment 4 star rating
I had the privilege of reading SALOON AT THE EDGE OF EVERYWHERE and am happy to say it was everything I thought it would be- a funny and sweet read that doesn't take itself too seriously.
A.H. Browne's story begins just as all good stories do, with a reluctant hero. Our hero is Arthur Blacke, a loveable loser whose life orbits around playing poker and maintaining the status quo. That is until a hijacked cruise ship full of intergalactic pirates interrupts his weekly poker game. Once hostages are taken, Arthur and his friends are threatened with more than just harshing their calm. Does this affable Texas custodian have what it takes to become the Space Cowboy the Universe needs to save it?

You'll just have to buy the book to find out.

Book one of The Otherwhere Chronicles, A.H. Browne's SALOON AT THE EDGE OF EVERYWHERE is a blast of freshly oxygenated air that I highly recommend
Matthew Tibbott
Posted: August 13, 2013
Customer comment 5 star rating
**WARNING** Do not buy this book!! I have just recently come out of hospital due to a variety of injuries including but not limited to, broken ribs, ruptured spleen and a severely exhausted funny bone. These inconveniences were caused by one thing, and one thing only; Arthur Browne's book SALOON AT THE EDGE OF EVERYWHERE: THE OTHERWHERE CHRONICLES BOOK ONE. I was led to believe that it would be a lighthearted read, a Sci-Fi romp with a dash of humour, garnished with a sprig of satire...I was was hilarious.

So if you would like to avoid a prolonged stay in hospital and an increased insurance premium then I urge you to spurn this book!

Should the sequel prove to be similar, you'll be hearing from me again.
David Ellis
Posted: June 24, 2015
Customer comment 5 star rating
At the heart of this series debut lies much fun and creativity through and through

Saloon at the Edge of Everywhere marks the debut Sci-Fi series of Arthur Browne, musician, artist, writer, humorist and contortionist (I may have made the last one up but I hear that he does have very big feet).

There is a huge amount of material to like and appreciate here in this book, from the vast array of aliens that inhabit the Saloon (Arthur takes a lot of time to paint the picture of them and their unique characteristics) to our reluctant hero Arthur Blacke himself (just typing that already made me laugh), there is never a dull moment when the story gets going. The story builds gradually to begin with, gently introducing us to the world and the inhabitants. Arthur has a deft way of letting the scenes unfold with a wry grin and we see countless opportunities for mishaps and crazy capers to take place.

I see great potential for future books in this series, providing Arthur can keep up the momentum and take us through more wacky adventures with his crew of oddballs. I sincerely look forward to reading the next book soon, thank you for the laughs Arthur, you are one wild crazy guy!