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The Meaning of Creation

The Meaning of Creation cover image
The Meaning of Creation cover image The Meaning of Creation cover image The Meaning of Creation cover image
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by: Davis Byars
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Publication Date: October 13, 2019
Book Size: 8" x 10"
Pages: 98
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Color

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Book Synopsis
This Book is a Spiritual and photo journey through the Book of Genesis 1 & 2. It is an in-depth study of why the creation story is so important to you and me at this moment. In order for us to know where we are going, we must first know where we came from. In this book, we take a deep dive into the history of creation as told from the Word of God and see what science as to say about it as they look back into time and study how the universe first came into existence. With today's technology, we provide you with a full array of photographic images in complete color of the world as we see it today. Remember, God is light and in Him, there is no darkness. He is the Maker and the Creator of all that exists in this Universe.
Customer Comments
Davis Byars
Posted: October 13, 2019
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If there was ever a time you truly wanted to understand the history of the Creation and how it all unfolded within those first six days, then you must read this book. It provides you a front-row seat into the Mind of God and how He stepped out into space and time, created all things in this universe, then placed a man in charge, and showed us that we too can be creators of our own world if we can only believe that "it's possible!"
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