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The Marbleville Race

The Marbleville Race cover image
The Marbleville Race cover image
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by: John Buell
Books with a 3 star rating  (11)
Publication Date: August 16, 2010
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 276
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Customer Comments

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Theresa Ross
Posted: September 25, 2010
Customer comment 0 star rating
The Marbleville Race was a very intriguing mystery novel. It held my interest from beginning to end. I only put it down when I was finished reading it.

The characters were depicted very well throughout the entire book.
In my opinion this book is worth purchasing if you like mysteries at all.

Susan P-B
Posted: October 7, 2010
Customer comment 1 star rating
It's been difficult completing this book. Mr. Buell has a great concept in a first mystery but unclear what age audience he is targeting, although his characters and dialogue seem to be young adult - sort of a Hardy Boys type theme. A chief disappointment is that there are no descriptions of the town or its people except through intense and extremely verbose conversations between characters who are never truly fleshed out. There was very little copy editing involved with this book and it shows, at least in my copy where even the title on the front cover is mispelled as "THE MARBLLEVILLE RACE."

I'm normally a very fast reader, but I've been struggling to get through this relatively short novel for a week now, bogged down by its contextual errors, as well as the underdeveloped plot line. I'd suggest Mr. Buell attend local writer's conferences to hone his craft prior to a second novel.
Henry Shaw
Posted: November 6, 2010
Customer comment 0 star rating
This book was written by an old friend of mine so I'll try not to be too harsh. Even with a few glaring errors, it was a gallant effort and a task that many of us including me would not attempt. There were far too many space fillers with admonishments for interruptions in conversations, the mystery as to who and why the young lad was shot was revealed too early in the book, and some descriptive adjectives could have been shortened. All in all a nice book for an amateur writer. Hank Shaw, 11-06-2010
Marilyn Carpenter
Posted: November 9, 2010
Customer comment 4 star rating
Mr.Buell has captured the story of a small community much like in my youth where everyone knew every body,our sherriff was bill riley and his son was my brothers best friend.he wound a wonderful mystery about a horror that tried to attack the serenity of a small town. i enjoyed my trip back into my youth, very easy reading and an ending i enjoyed.marilyn
jeannette eaton
Posted: November 13, 2010
Customer comment 3 star rating
I found the mystery very intriguing with an accurate description
of small town life.The characters are very three dimensional and
well developed.Thumbs up to a first time author.
Richard Comer
Posted: November 16, 2010
Customer comment 4 star rating
This book was very well written. I highly recommend it. It will keep your intersested from begining to to the end. My grandaughter can't wait to start reading this mystery.
Sheila and Ritty
sonna hosta
Posted: November 30, 2010
Customer comment 4 star rating
It was an enjoyable read. The characters did not need to call each other by their name every time they had a conversation.

Other then that, I found it fast-paced and very entertaining to read. I look forward to the next book.
Posted: December 25, 2010
Customer comment 3 star rating
The best mystery I've read in five years. Anyone who likes mysteries associated with small-town America should love this one. I'm hoping Mr. Buell will be coming out with another novel.
Jill Walters
Posted: January 4, 2011
Customer comment 0 star rating
I found this book to an easy read. If you like mysteries this book would be a good read. I look forward to Mr. Buell's next endeavor.
Roger McClure
Posted: April 25, 2011
Customer comment 0 star rating
Highlight of the year! A horse race in a small town, teenage boys, a shooting, greed,corruption,girls,love and loyalty, what more can you ask for.I strongly recommend this book to readers of any age. Although the mystery as to who and why might have been revealed a bit early the author Mr.Buell is shrewd and cunning enough to still keep you in suspense until the very end preventing you from putting it down. Well written,planned and thought out keeps your curiosity perked as you eagerly anticipate the outcome. I have already purchased Mr. Buell's 2nd book Justification for Murder.

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