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The Love Workbook

The Love Workbook cover image
The Love Workbook cover image The Love Workbook cover image The Love Workbook cover image
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by: Roxanne Danielle as Doctor Rox
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Publication Date: June 16, 2020
Book Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 118
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781648583254

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Book Synopsis
Love lasts when two people are willing to Learn, Overcome, Vow and Enjoy. Very simple! Let me say that again. Love lasts when two people are willing to Learn, Overcome, Vow and Enjoy. It’s just that easy.
For a relationship to go the distance mates have to be willing to Learn each other. It is important for them to Overcome any issues no matter how big. Mates must Vow to commit to each other even before the ring and ceremony. And most importantly mates must Enjoy one another. What good is being with someone whose company is not enjoyable? The only way to truly love is to Learn, Overcome, Vow and Enjoy.

Use this couples Journal to get to know each other on an intimate level!
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About The Author
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We all have a story to tell and we all have a story from which to learn. When someone comes along in our lives who has conquered a mission that we are currently struggling with, we look to them for wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Looking at them is like looking at ourselves in the mirror of what could be, if we could only settle one or a few problems in our life that we just cannot shake. We look to them because deep in our hearts, we know something is not right within us; something is not working. Our spirit is unsettled and we cry out for the assistance of someone who understands.

Roxanne Danielle understands. Growing up was a struggle for this young woman. At age four she was separated from her parents due to their inability to provide for her. She lived through her mother’s passing away due to a drug overdose. She was a runaway teen, and a victim of domestic violence. Roxanne Danielle got pregnant at age 19, got married at age 21, and was divorced by age 22.By age 23.

Between breastfeeding, changing stinky diapers and trying to sort out custody and visitation rights, Roxanne earned her Associates, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, completing each degree within one year of the last. She took a personal interest in human behavior during her studies, and as part of her Master’s project wrote a book entitled, “An Affective Away to Overcome Abandonment Issues”. Her interest in this topic stemmed from her quest to discover what was holding her back emotionally, and in discovering this she learned that these same emotional trials were holding her back physically, mentally and spiritually as well.

Roxanne’s mission is to educate and entertain her audience. She believes that not everyone has the power or resources to overcome a bad situation, nor do they have an understanding of how past relationships or the lack thereof can affect their future and be a deciding factor on which roads are ultimately available to them.

Roxanne used her studies to prepare her for a lifetime of helping people become the best they can be. Her undergraduate degree concentrated in communications and theater. Through this program she gained the necessary skills to effectively getthrough to people and develop relationships. Her Masters concentrated in Social & Psychological Educational Foundations, Higher Education (focusing in counseling), and Creative studies.” ... “It wasn’t about the job the degree would lead to; it was about learning different cultures, genders and Status.”
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