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The Eden Axiom - A Radical Lifestyle of Body Stewardship

The Eden Axiom - A Radical Lifestyle of Body Stewardship cover image
The Eden Axiom - A Radical Lifestyle of Body Stewardship cover image The Eden Axiom - A Radical Lifestyle of Body Stewardship cover image The Eden Axiom - A Radical Lifestyle of Body Stewardship cover image
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by: Kirk Rogers
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Publication Date: February 4, 2015
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 323
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781505568448

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Book Synopsis
This book grew out of the author's quest for natural solutions to his own health problems. In his research he learned many surprising things about diet and nutrition, and the toxic nature of the Standard American Diet, which promotes a host of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease and cancer. Whole plant foods, on the other hand, promote only good health.

The Eden Axiom explores scientific studies on nutrition which will give you the information you need to make wise decisions about the diet you should choose if you wish to avoid chronic disease and live a long, healthy life.

Of particular interest to the author is the issue of being good stewards of the bodies which God has given us. The title The Eden Axiom refers to a set of lifestyle principles derived from the early chapters of the Bible. Theological questions regarding why one should choose a healthy lifestyle are explored, and applicable Biblical passages are discussed.
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About The Author
Kirk Evan Rogers was raised in Los Angeles, California. From a young age he took an interest in science, health and physical fitness. He took many courses in chemistry, biology, botany, and zoology during his years at college, and has been an avid reader on a variety of science topics every since.

Kirk attended church while growing up, but while in high school he rejected the church’s beliefs, becoming an atheist by the time he entered college.

But when Kirk learned about the many ancient prophecies of the Old Testament which were fulfilled in the coming of Jesus Christ to earth, he knew God must be real, and His Word must be true in its entirety. Thus, when he read the Good News of Jesus’ love for people, and what He had done to secure their salvation, Kirk put his faith in Jesus and became a Christian.

Challenged by the claim of God on his life, and Jesus’ command to His followers that they spread His message to those who had never heard it, Kirk began to prepare for missionary service. He attended Bible college, and then a missionary training course.

Kirk and his wife Yolanda have served as church planters among a minority people group in Guinea, West Africa, since 1991. Kirk's ministry involves linguistics, Bible translation, Bible curriculum development, Bible teaching, discipleship, and literacy work. Kirk and Yolanda also do their best to help their African neighbors learn to eat a more healthful diet!

Kirk and Yolanda met at Bible college and married in 1986. They raised their four children in Africa. Their oldest, Colin, is now a missionary in South America, along with his wife Megan and son Judah. Cameron is a U.S. Marine. Colton and his wife Ashton, as well as Kayla and her husband Luke, are preparing for missionary service.