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The Book: Story of Breeze

The Book: Story of Breeze cover image
The Book: Story of Breeze cover image The Book: Story of Breeze cover image The Book: Story of Breeze cover image
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Publication Date: March 20, 2019
Book Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 160
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781645501640

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Book Synopsis
Denied the funding for his gym, Coach Hue Breeze struggles to maintain it as he lives a loner lifestyle in his South Bronx neighborhood. Trying to boost his spirits, his street savvy friend Blue gives him a book, as a gift knowing Breeze enjoys to write on his free time to deal with the stress. Breeze's life is suddenly taken on a spin when he unexpectedly finds himself as the next target in the eyes of a mysterious woman named Madeline.
Terrorizing the streets of NYC, she's sent her top two goons Deuce and Bandit, who pose as police to track him down.
But why?
As Breeze searches for the truth, he discovers that the book his friend Blue gave him is not so ordinary. Backed into a corner and out of options, Breeze only escape is the unthinkable....inside the book.
Customer Comments
Desmond Rhoomes
Posted: April 15, 2019
Customer comment 4 star rating
I hope you enjoy the read. This is just the first of a three part series. Working on the idea has been long but such a learning experience. I just wanted to tell a story that a number of people would enjoy, from young to old, men and women.
This is my very first book written and I'd greatly appreciate any feedback from anyone who might read it.
Thanks bookpatch for allowing authors to put out their work and profit off of it.
There are a lot of great writers in the world and your platform allows us lil guys to eat.
Everybody STAY TUNED for more of this story in a few but for now....check out the webseries The Book: Story Of Breeze on EDIM CINEMA on YouTube and follow us on ig @nativesun4 @ediment1 @_storyofbreeze!
About The Author
Author bio image
Born a Bronx native, and raised in Mott Haven Projects, life for me was what my grandmother made it to be. Taking on the responsibility of raising me after my mother passed, when I was 5, she did everything in her power to keep me off the streets. And she did that by buying me things from the latest action figure (GI. Joe, Thundercats, He-man, Transformers, Etc) that was out at the time or giving me $5 almost every day so I could buy comics from the newsstand. And on days like Christmas, she’d do things like buy me a telescope so I could check out the stars on a clear night from my eleventh floor window. Two things happened because of that: I became a spoiled kid and my imagination was far beyond the projects. When I’d be in my room playing with my action figures, I’d make up different scenarios and missions for them to complete. In doing that, I believe it’s one of the reasons I’ve allowed myself to fall into a fictional zone creating this story alongside experiencing life growing up in the 90’s.