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The Ben Book Volume 6: "Don't Mess with the World Savers"

The Ben Book Volume 6: "Don
The Ben Book Volume 6: "Don The Ben Book Volume 6: "Don The Ben Book Volume 6: "Don
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by: Ben Swetmore
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Publication Date: December 11, 2020
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 169
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Color

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Book Synopsis
With this amazing brand-new edition of The Ben Book, featuring several new never-before seen stories, that you won't want to miss. Enjoy two new long Extraordinary Tales as Ben and his friends embark on incredible journey's, such as saving the world, and even perhaps spending an afternoon under-investigation by the FBI! Along with these great new tales, the Sixth Volume of The Ben Book also includes dozens of pages of new never-before seen bonus-content writings, including biographies of some of history's lesser-known historical figures that shaped the world we live in today, as-well as so much more. New Stories in this volume include:

Saving Earth:
After inadvertently discovering the Aliens secret hideout, Ben and Martin confront them, only to learn their dire intentions for the future of humanity, and the fate of the entire Earth. It's a race against the clock as Ben and Martin do everything they can in an effort to stop the aliens, and save Planet Earth. Will they succeed?

Public Enemy, Number One:
Kye is brought in for questioning by the FBI at the local police-station. Here, he is confronted with the fact that he has been named the "Number One Enemy in the State", as a result of his destructive crimes. It's up to Ben and Martin alone, to prove Kye's innocence, before he is sent to prison for the next several decades. Do they have enough time to prove Kye's innocence, or is his freedom in jeopardy? Is Kye really innocent after-all? Find Out for Yourself with the spectacular Sixth-Edition of The Ben Book!

Strap in your seatbelt, because this book is an out of this world experience, that you won't want to miss!
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