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The Ballad of Kim & Gary

The Ballad of Kim & Gary cover image
The Ballad of Kim & Gary cover image The Ballad of Kim & Gary cover image The Ballad of Kim & Gary cover image
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by: Sarah M. Beers
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Publication Date: November 10, 2015
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 310
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781682736609

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Book Synopsis
What if the hand of fate was much stronger than you've ever suspected? What if you learned you could control your own destiny in a manner you've never imagined? What if you had the chance to relive your life in any time or place?

At the end of a long and successful theater career, Kimberly Weaver is given that chance thanks to the generosity of a benevolent Queen. Physically separated from her husband Garrison over most of their 30+ years of marriage, Kimberly desperately wants to relive the time they've lost apart from each other. But after a tragic space accident, Garrison's aversion to risk threatens to spoil Kimberly's wish to control their destiny.

The fear of losing Kimberly forever prompts Garrison to participate in a risky experiment so the woman he loves can experience falling in love with him again, and living together instead of apart. The result is a beautiful story of two people always meant to be together, falling in love, and rapidly building an unparalleled intimate relationship of love and trust.

This novel is a prequel to The Seventeenth. A few characters crossover between the two books and the stories intersect briefly, but this is not a series. The Ballad of Kim & Gary is a romance story with a narrow target audience. The Seventeenth is an adventure story, accessible to a wider audience. It is not necessary to read both books to understand the story in either one, nor is it necessary to read them in order.
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