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That was Then. This is Now! A Story of Dissociative Identity Disorder

That was Then. This is Now!  A Story of Dissociative Identity Disorder cover image
That was Then. This is Now!  A Story of Dissociative Identity Disorder cover image That was Then. This is Now!  A Story of Dissociative Identity Disorder cover image That was Then. This is Now!  A Story of Dissociative Identity Disorder cover image
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by: written by Belinda Whipple Worth MA,LCMHC In collaboration with and illustrated by "Live United"
Books with a 5 star rating  (4)
Publication Date: December 21, 2020
Book Size: 8.5" x 8.5"
Pages: 42
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Color
ISBN: 9781736256503

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Book Synopsis
This stunning, painful, but ultimately hopeful, fictional truth written by Belinda Whipple Worth, MA, LCMHC and illustrated by the LIVE UNITED system, reveals the inner world of a remarkable survivor of trauma and her healing journey coping with her Dissociative Identity Disorder as a result of ritual abuse, mind control, and incest. A tool for psychotherapy and self-help alike, the story shares a path through terrifying and disturbing experiences most often hidden outside the mental health counseling or psychology office.

For people living with the fear and shame of the secret of child sexual exploitation and trafficking, the courage, bravery, and ingenuity of the Little Girl can bring honor, hope, and comfort through metaphorical communication with the deep unconscious. This book is best for adults and older children recovering from traumatic experiences as described above.
-Darcy Gingerich MEd, LCMHC, LADC
Customer Comments
Joyce Moran
Posted: January 31, 2021
Customer comment 5 star rating
Powerful and insightful. The story allowed me to enter the world of DID. I was stunned by the cruelty and inhumanity the little girl was subjected to, amazed at her resilience, and in the end rejoiced by her success.
I highly recommend this book!
Donna Karaniuk
Posted: March 2, 2021
Customer comment 0 star rating
I absolutely loved it! I think it really tells how amazing the brain really is! How when bad things happen to good people our amazing brains create super heros to survive. AMAZING, is our mind.
Donna K
Laura B.
Posted: March 18, 2021
Customer comment 0 star rating
"That was Then. This is Now!" is written in a simple and accessible style, but the message is powerful. No child deserves to be treated with such inhumane cruelty. No child deserves to be abused and tricked and brain washed into believing the terrible lies told to them by the abusers. However, with support and guidance (and the good luck to find those things when they are needed), even a child who has been treated so miserably can bring healing and peace into their lives.

The book also has lots of pictures, artwork created by the Live United group to accompany the story. The pictures add strength and depth to the words. They add relatability for younger readers who might see echoes of their own terrible secrets in the drawings, while for an adult reader, the intensity of the artwork combined with the understated style of the story bring home the true extent of the horrors that the Live United system survived.

This book would be an ideal tool for any clinician who works with dissociative systems. It would be a perfect story to read to the younger members of a dissociative group. Children love stories and they love to be read to, and the message of the Live United group is a crucial message for all members of a dissociated system to hear and learn: that they are not at fault, that they are good, that they deserve safety and caring and good things in their life, that things can get better for them.

Put in story form, addressing big concepts at a level that young people can understand, and most importantly coming from someone who has also been there -- "That was Then. This is Now!" is a valuable addition to the bookshelf of any dissociative person and any clinician who works with them.
Posted: April 1, 2021
Customer comment 5 star rating
This book manages to show the reality of DID without being bogged down in graphic or troubling details of trauma. It’s a great resource for explaining things to someone who isn’t clinically trained or hasn’t experienced this themselves. It really shows the layers of pain and confusion caused by child abuse, and it also shows the amazing power of healing. The book sheds light on DID in a way that’s accessible and easy to understand. The illustrations add to that. I’m glad I got to read this book.
About The Author
Author bio image
Belinda Whipple Worth is a psychotherapist living in Vermont, now retired after many years of practice. She began working with clients with Dissociative Identity Disorder unintentionally. She believes it has made her a better therapist and a better person. Belinda now has time to design and hook rugs, kayak, and keep up with the important people in her life.

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