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Taming the Dragon: Dealing With Grief

Taming the Dragon: Dealing With Grief cover image
Taming the Dragon: Dealing With Grief cover image Taming the Dragon: Dealing With Grief cover image Taming the Dragon: Dealing With Grief cover image
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by: Linda Crear
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Publication Date: July 1, 2017
Book Size: 5.83" x 8.26"
Pages: 124
Binding: Perfect Bound

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Book Synopsis
Depression is lying with my face covered by the quilt, not moving.
Listening to the phone ring and ring and then hearing the voice of a
dear friend on the answering machine and not picking up.
Hearing in that voice the strength and care that I know I need and not
being able to move.
It is thinking that the rent is probably due sometime soon and not
really caring.
Thinking that the rest of the world is able to go on just fine without my
It is going to work daily and putting on a pretend face and returning
home to crawl back beneath the covers.
Depression is telling whoever might break through the demeanor and
ask about my feelings that I am just hibernating and will come out in
the spring.
And then spring is wondering why I said that.
It is a knowing that people are fearful of mortality, fearful of real
feelings, confused and so befuddled by what they think might be
expected of them that they pretend also.
They make believe that a person heals in some specific amount of time from a loss.
And, because they are afraid, they say nothing and then I begin to think they do not care.

Depression is what it sounds like ~ a dent, a literal depression in the heart.
It is sometimes so deep that only many years of work will begin to fill in that chasm.

And it may take my admission that I need HELP -
That, “ok doc I will take those meds”.
That, “yes, please friend do some energy work on me”.
That, “I may need a therapist to just hear me out and be a guide”.

I may even have to accept that help.
I may have to admit I am not superwoman after all.

I may have wonderful laughing days followed by tears and then complete oblivion.
And I WILL have to keep telling myself "I am NOT crazy."

But, first, I must pull the covers back - back from my face, my mind, my heart.
And get out of bed and answer the phone and listen to someone who cares.
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About The Author
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Linda is a writer and artist from Fort Worth, Texas. She has been published in The Mighty, a mental health periodical online, as well as on several blogs.

Her artwork is featured at and on Facebook.

Her passions include human rights, mental health reform and children's issues.

She has one son, four grandchildren and a chihuahua named Missy.
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