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Stories by J. Mark Rodgers

Stories by J. Mark Rodgers cover image
Stories by J. Mark Rodgers cover image Stories by J. Mark Rodgers cover image Stories by J. Mark Rodgers cover image
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by: Mark Rodgers
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Publication Date: September 7, 2017
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 270
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
An adolescent girl on a distant planet falls for a boy from Earth. They must deal with natural differences as well as a cultural bias.

Senior citizens have been disappearing from the gazebo in the center of the park. A young boy plays detective in order to solve the mystery.

A man who is dying of a brain tumor is told to go home and spend some time with his family before reporting to the hospice to be terminated.

Before he can win her heart, he has to win the approval of her 7 yr. old daughter.

A soldier is reported AWOL after reporting for duty in Korea. It takes some doing to convince the Army that he hasn’t gone anywhere.

A fifteen year old crashes his bicycle the first day of summer vacation. His memory of the event is fragmented and it takes some time before he can make sense of the accident.

A typical day at the church community breakfast as told by one of the volunteers.

An out of work cat meets a street-wise mouse. They become the best of friends as they make their way toward the farm with rabbits as far as the eye can see.

After his car breaks down in the Nevada desert, a man walks until he finds a group of middle class houses. The inhabitants are not what they seem and time is running out.

A fifteen year old is threatened if he does not share his lawn mowing money so he fights back. The outcome of that fight is far from what he expected.

Before a television audience, a man is healed of alcoholism and reunited with his family.

A real estate broker will do anything for profit. In the end, she gets her comeuppance in spades.

When a young boy tries to run away from his harsh uncle he learns a lesson about the meaning of freedom.

A boy discovers that sometimes even the most pious Christians can have a warped sense of humor.

When a twelve year old girl is selected for admission to the Academy, she is told a profound and terrible truth about her birth.
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