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Savage Sophistication

Savage Sophistication cover image
Savage Sophistication cover image Savage Sophistication cover image Savage Sophistication cover image
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by: Tony Arnold
Books with a 4 star rating  (4)
Publication Date: August 5, 2020
Book Size: 8.25" x 11"
Pages: 399
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Color

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Book Synopsis
This is the Tiki coffee table art book for the ages! Almost 400 pages of classic mid-century menu art, mostly from Tiki and Polynesian restaurants & bars. This selection celebrates both the kitsch and class of a more sophisticated destination dining era, and illustrates the splendid savagery of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s dinner theater experience. Great commercial art speaks for itself, and is presented here without commentary. This is the Abridged Softcover Edition, edited to be slightly smaller than the full-length hardcover edition (available elsewhere) for purposes of affordability and to facilitate this over-sized softcover printing.
Customer Comments
Posted: November 9, 2020
Customer comment 5 star rating
Tony Arnold cuts his literary filet mignon from only the biggest sacred cows." - The Rustic Anomalist
Posted: November 9, 2020
Customer comment 5 star rating
"This massive tome stands as the final word on vintage, authentic Tiki imagery from the mid-century era of its origins. For any serious devotee of the Tiki lifestyle, this should sit on his or her shelf next to 'The Book of Tiki.'" --
Posted: July 12, 2021
Customer comment 5 star rating
"These handy, affordable books are sure to please everybody, even the youngsters! With extra-rich, built-in spice and flavor on every page, White Devil Press publications are assembled from only the best influences and ingredients, suitable for everyone on your gift list: pacifists, beatniks, foreign agents, disorderly persons and Earthlings of every imaginable description! Beautiful objects of intellectual merit you'll be proud to display in your home library, and as rich and satisfying as the very best-tasting, pasteurized processed American sliced cheese you can buy!" -- Ed Herlihy
Posted: October 4, 2021
Customer comment 4 star rating
"This is an ungainly picture book that does not even bother to caption the pictures. I've never seen a picture book as perfucktory as this one. It has the same feeling as someone throwing a stack of their drunkard vacation pictures at you and saying, "Here, ya'll sort these out yourselfs." And the pictures are nothing you haven't seen before for free on the internet. The Easter Island heads? Oh, wow! I never saw them before this book. Really, for the man who helped get the whole Tiki Revival ball rolling, this is an unbelievably lame effort. Don't waste money on this junky school scrapbook project. Tiki is whatever anybody wants it to be." -- The Masses Monthly Anthology
About The Author
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Tony Arnold is the pseudonym of noted Exocryptobiologist and Tiki Misanthropologist Crabbe Rangoon, who is the corporate mascot of Ianez Ventures, Inc., founded by CEO Fred Ianez II, a Theoretical Classicist who also founded the Temple of Scientonomy, established as the Earthly platform for the works and teachings of the Celestial entity known as WM. Rangoon is also the author of numerous scholarly nonfiction books on Exocryptobiology under his own name. He divides his time between his south Florida stilt home and a vintage quonset hut atop Floating Rock Mountain, where he writes, frequents Chinese restaurants, and collects Oceanic artifacts, tobacco pipes, and exotic books.
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