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Resurrection Day

Resurrection Day cover image
Resurrection Day cover image Resurrection Day cover image Resurrection Day cover image
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by: Bill K. Underwood
Books with a 4 star rating  (5)
Publication Date: October 3, 2015
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 147
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781682730355

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Book Synopsis
What if the afterlife was on earth?

What if the post-apocalyptic world, rather than a dystopian future of harsh conditions and selfish, amoral survivors, was instead a society of friendly, caring individuals who truly want to work together to build a new world, who are gradually transforming the earth and erasing all signs of the old world? Now suppose that many of those who died in the old world began, in an orderly fashion, being transported into that new world.

Meet Steve, a middle-aged man who died late in the old world. But the old world is gone, and the afterlife is not in heaven. This is the first day of Steve’s life resurrected into a new world, an earth that is being renovated into a paradise, and he has a million questions.

Resurrection Day presents heartwarming, satisfying answers to those questions.
Customer Comments
E Roy
Posted: December 6, 2015
Customer comment 5 star rating
This is a very comforting book helping us to imagine and live in the future that is coming. It can be very depressing to read the news with all the bad things going. It can seem like it is always going to be as bad as this. There is a good future coming and it is good to be reminded of it.
Corinne Evancho
Posted: July 14, 2016
Customer comment 5 star rating
Even though i can already figure myself in the New World, surrounded by animals and enjoying the beauty of our planet day after day, figuring the resurrection "process" is something hard to figure at times ... simply as none of us went through it yet ! This book helped me to ponder over it and grasp better what will be involved in welcoming our loved ones in a comforting stress-less surrounding. Thanks Bill for this great book.
sue obrein
Posted: August 17, 2016
Customer comment 5 star rating
Loved this book, Hated for it too end, such a nice place to visit. So look forward to the day when we get to experience the reality Our Father has in store for us! Would love more stories like this.
Lori Hill
Posted: September 6, 2016
Customer comment 5 star rating
Such a great book!! I'm glad that I got to see a glimpse of what the resurrection could be like. Looking forward to read it again.
Tom Harley
Posted: February 27, 2017
Customer comment 4 star rating
For anyone whose ever envisioned the earthly resurrection, try Bill's imagination on for size. See how your favorite verses might play out. Speculative fun. If you don't like speculation, he cautions, maybe you should stay away. I say, be there and find out. If he's right, you can high-five him. If he's wrong, you can chew him out. He won't mind.
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