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Peace, Sex, and Sensuality

Peace, Sex, and Sensuality  cover image
Peace, Sex, and Sensuality  cover image Peace, Sex, and Sensuality  cover image Peace, Sex, and Sensuality  cover image
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by: Latoya Jones
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Publication Date: July 21, 2021
Book Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 66
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781637906316

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Book Synopsis
Self-help workbook with exercises designed to help women work on their self-confidence and sensuality. Peace, Sex, and Sensuality is filled with exercises, breathing techniques, and activity suggestions. The workbook is set up in the following order, Peace: where women are prompted to make peace with their emotional and physical self, Sex: women are encouraged to come out of their comfort zone and explore the depths of their sexual pleasure, Sensuality: takes pleasure out of the bedroom and into a woman's everyday life. The very last section is for the woman to create her own two weeks of self-care and pleasure. The purpose of the last section is to encourage the practice of scheduling time for one's self-care instead of hoping they have time. This workbook will help Goddesses take control and seize the day!
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About The Author
At the time of this publication, LaToya Jones is a Ph.D. student in Psychology. She is the mother of two boys, a survivor of domestic violence, and the owner of the self-care company, As It Should Be. Jones understands firsthand how important it is to make time when it comes to one's mental and emotional health. She also understands the importance of sensuality and self-confidence when it comes to a woman's everyday life.

This workbook was inspired by her very own life experiences. At one point, Jones did not have the money to invest in thousand-dollar coaching packages. However, she was in desperate need of some guidance. She wanted to make something that was practical, affordable, and actually worked.

Jones always believed inside every woman, lived a Goddess, they just needed a little help finding her. This workbook is designed to help women understand their power and own their sensuality daily.
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