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Paladins, Provocateurs, and Scalawags

Paladins, Provocateurs, and Scalawags cover image
Paladins, Provocateurs, and Scalawags cover image Paladins, Provocateurs, and Scalawags cover image Paladins, Provocateurs, and Scalawags cover image
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by: David Fullen
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Publication Date: September 19, 2018
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 357
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781633239852

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Book Synopsis
The Americans of the Revolutionary War period had to make decisions that most present-day people could not fathom. Their environment was rife with backstabbers, ne’er-do-wells, Indians and schemers; all, of whom, wanted something from them. They worked hard to take a tract of land and develop a homestead and then they had to consider if the men went off to war, could the women protect themselves and their property.
War fractures economies and forces massive population dislocations. Misery befell families who were in the way of advancing armies. Even with strict warnings against such behavior from officers on both sides, farms and homes were often pillaged. Soldiers stole grain, livestock, and whatever else they needed. There are recorded cases where officers, from both sides, ordered the hanging of soldiers who participated in thievery.
Some colonial women operated as spies for Washington’s intelligence groups, sending along valuable information regarding troop movements, supply levels, and on numerous occasions’ locations of possible capture points. Many men would have come home to bankruptcy following the war had it not been for the efforts of their ingenious spouses.
Wars are not just fought on battlefields. Even in the 18th century, successful campaigns were the characteristic of a determined effort. By 1783, the entire American population appeared battle fatigued, from the infantryman to the farmer’s wife; without their sacrifices, the United States of America would not be the country that we know today. As you read the accounts of these brave Americans, I hope that you appreciate what they did to help all of us.
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