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Owens Family of Virginia

Owens Family of Virginia cover image
Owens Family of Virginia cover image Owens Family of Virginia cover image Owens Family of Virginia cover image
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by: Jerry Owens
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Publication Date: December 4, 2021
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 214
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781637903414

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Book Synopsis
A genealogy of the Owens families of the northern neck of Virginia, including the town of Owens, from A.D.1960-1178 B.C. The first chapter starts with Eustace Conway Owens, then follows the Owens line back to Brutus Silvius, the founder and first King of Britain. If your last name is Owens or you have an Owens, Owain, Owen, Jones, Via, Flory, Diehl, Powell, Lewis, Tanner, Tudor, Ludlow, Morris, Merrick, Meyrick, Davis, Howell, Pettit, or Massey in your family tree, your bloodline may cross somewhere in this history. Each chapter represents a generation. Some Chapters include copies of documents, pictures, or photographs. Historians and scholars still argue today about the validity of some pedigrees, and at times employ a ‘best guess’ method to make certain determinations. It is my hope that you and anyone else interested in the ancestry of America will enjoy these pages, and that it sparks your imagination and interest in researching your family history.
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