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On the Way to Walking

On the Way to Walking cover image
On the Way to Walking cover image On the Way to Walking cover image On the Way to Walking cover image
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by: Lenore Grubinger
Books with a 5 star rating  (6)
Publication Date: August 14, 2016
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 381
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
The parent-friendly guide to Natural Movement Development™ that you can't find anywhere else. Reduce worry, improve nursing, digestion, weight gain, and enjoy tummy time with step by step practices made to apply during daily life with Baby. Based on over thirty years of helping babies and families to thrive, these sustainable, intuition-affirming practices are all beautifully photo-illustrated.

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Customer Comments
Gwen McClellan
Posted: August 16, 2016
Customer comment 0 star rating
One of the things we learn, as we linger with the calm succinct wisdom shared in 'The Way To Walking ', is that there are no 'Needy Babies'. There are no 'Not Patient Enough Parents'. We discover there are simply times of learning that can challenge and tire parent and child alike, on hot days or late afternoons.
By letting ourselves peruse the pages gradually , without worry or pressure, we internalize the remarkable developmental growth taking place for us both, as the child acquires mastery of small building blocks.
As we parents incrementally develop insight into situations, that bring both increased patience and deep delight.
We come to welcome the layers of agility which our sometimes cranky , sometimes difficult moments gradually reveal.
Posted: December 21, 2016
Customer comment 5 star rating
At two months of age my baby was so uncomfortable and unhappy and therefore so was I. A friend sent me a copy of this book and things started to get better from the moment I opened it. If there’s one book you need for the first year, it’s On The Way To Walking. It’s helped me feel the joy again. Thank you, Lenore! --Jessica T.
Posted: December 21, 2016
Customer comment 5 star rating
When I got pregnant I thought my intuition would guide me in taking care of my baby and I wasn’t too concerned about how things would go once my baby was born. But after I gave birth to him and brought him home, I did feel a bit like I was on another planet. Through the celestial blur, a friendly hand reached to me, offering this book. From the first page, I made my way back to Earth. I was free of the fear that I could do the wrong thing, and excited by all the wonderful good things I could do.
Kathy Anderson
Posted: February 11, 2017
Customer comment 5 star rating
I am a psychotherapist who sees a fair number of new mothers, and when I read On The Way To Walking, I was really excited to share it with these clients, many of whom were feeling a bit unsure of themselves in terms of how to navigate these strange new waters of being a mother. This book answers their questions (and questions they didn't even know they had!) about learning to crawl, sit, stand and walk, as well as dealing with uncomfortable digestion, crying and nursing. It consists of a series of straightforward, easy-to-understand practices accompanied by beautiful photos which guide the parent through every imaginable stage of growth. You can literally open the book to any page and find something applicable. Its tone is very user-friendly and simple to understand, despite the complexity that underlies Infant Developmental Movement. My clients love the book! It has lent a feeling of confidence and increased enjoyment to their parenting experiences. I highly recommend this to any parent, no matter how many children they have already, because there is so much helpful information that most of us have probably never been made aware.
Kathie Brown
Posted: May 24, 2017
Customer comment 5 star rating
Lenore Grubinger lovingly transmits the richness and inherent wisdom of the natural developmental process in a gentle and encouraging voice. A supportive guide for families and caregivers, On the Way to Walking will bring insight, knowledge and delight to many! As an Occupational Therapist working with babies and young children, I am pleased to have such a fine resource to share with parents and colleagues.
Anna Penenberg
Posted: June 13, 2017
Customer comment 0 star rating
Exciting new parent book! Natural Movement Development

As a developmental specialist I am thrilled to give Lenore Grubinger’s amazing book and handbook to parents. “On the Way to Walking” provides an easy way the parent can use practices to support inherent growth possibilities in the brain and body. Photographs make this book an easy guide to assisting little ones wherever they are in their growth. Lenore gently guides and educates, creating lots of fun moments in play for everyone’s benefit. Her revolutionary approach yields resilient children and contented leaners. It is a wonderful resource book as well, and can be read in small sections when needed. Overall, I recommend this to anyone spending time with a little one!

Anna Penenberg
About The Author
Lenore Grubinger is the author of 'On The Way To Walking, The Essential Guide To Natural Movement Development.’ Ms. Grubinger is the Founder and Director of Amajoy Developmental Movement and Bodywork, in Florence, Massachusetts, serving infants, families, and professionals through individual sessions in bodywork, movement, and play therapy, and in presentations and trainings. Ms. Grubinger received her BA from the University of Massachusetts in Body Therapies in 1983. A Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, a Developmental Specialist, a teacher of Body Mind Centering, an instructor of Cranial-Sacral Therapy, and a Certified teacher of Infant Developmental Movement Education, she brings over 30 years of experience to her loving, effective work with people.