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Mystic Pearls of Red Feather

Mystic Pearls of Red Feather cover image
Mystic Pearls of Red Feather cover image Mystic Pearls of Red Feather cover image Mystic Pearls of Red Feather cover image
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by: AnaLeyah North
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Publication Date: June 10, 2017
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 400
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781946634535

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Book Synopsis
Red Feather is a high-level spirit guide, teacher and healer. His teachings are filled with profound wisdom, humor and love. Red Feather offers them to all those who are on the path to self-awareness, conscious living and spiritual awakening.

The teachings in this book are compiled from two extended courses given by Shoshana Ortalia Aurora Rogers, channeling Red Feather. Ortalia, herself, was a uniquely gifted teacher and healer and as such was able to channel Red Feather’s high vibration with great clarity.

Pearls is organized into categories. It contains guidance for coping with the 3-D aspects of our lives, as well as, guidance for moving into the deeper spiritual teachings. Red Feather teaches us how to dive for the pearls of inspirational wisdom deep within our authentic selves.

Red Feather’s teachings are alive with the energy of love, growth, development and joy. There is food here for your mind, your heart, your body and your soul.
Customer Comments
Maitreya Zohar
Posted: October 26, 2017
Customer comment 0 star rating
Love, love, love the “Pearls” as the authors call them. I don't know if Red Feather covers every life lesson, but he covers so so many that it sure seems like it.
Question: Who is Red Feather? Really, who is he? The book gives no bio on him. All we know is that he is a Spirit from "the other side" who desires to share wisdom with us. We briefly learn he had students which is intriguing but we’re never overtly told who he is?
Instead, the reader must be willing to set aside his or her mental “need to know” attitude and just dive in, it quickly becomes clear that whoever Red Feather is, He is a Master Soul connected to Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Truth.
This book takes teachings delivered to students over a twenty-year span and places them in an easy to read, simple structure.
You may read the “Pearls” cover to cover or you may pick it up, hold it with intention, open it, and receive a teaching or an answer to a pressing question.
Another fun way I found to use this book is to "randomly" open it and read a quote. Then I imagine or contemplate what question may have been asked to elicit Red Feather to respond this way. It is said that within every question lies the answer. It is also true that within every answer lies the question.
I feel the energy of the Divine in this book and undoubtedly know that each time I utilize it in reverence; this mystical, magical, master teacher Red Feather bestows his grace upon me and I whole-heartedly know he will do the same for you.