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Legends, Myths & Journeys - Poetry and Verse for the Young Adult

Legends, Myths & Journeys - Poetry and Verse for the Young Adult cover image
Legends, Myths & Journeys - Poetry and Verse for the Young Adult cover image
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by: Sharee Anne Gorman
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Publication Date: August 26, 2013
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 43
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781620306703

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Book Synopsis
Legends, Myths & Journeys is a celebration of the hero's journey inspired in part by the stories of "Women Who Run With the Wolves" by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés" and Joseph Campbell's "Hero With A Thousand Faces". This collection stands as an invitation to all young artists to share the fruits of their examined lives through the unifying language and power of myth. It also serves as a challenge to continue the great conversation, so that others may develop the observational and critical thinking tools necessary to create a meaningful existence.

Legends, Myths & Journeys invites readers, young and old, on a quest to question the automatic nature of our modern realities and to rediscover the wonder of our authentic selves.
Customer Comments
Posted: February 17, 2015
Customer comment 5 star rating
I love this girl's work. Her use of language is original and resonant - it really stays with you. How anybody can get so much meaning into just one line is nothing short of magic. My favorites are "Spirit", "Truce" and "Vigil". In the notes, annienomad says that the great Noam Chomsky called "Vigil"…"moving and evocative…and so true." He's right…as he is about most things.
About The Author
Through my work I seek to question authority and consciously explode the illusion of freedom if it is in name only.

I believe the evolution of our existence requires each of us to actively use our critical thinking to pierce the veil of social programming and friendly-persuasion in order that we may collectively refuse to go along when our hearts and minds scream out daily that something has gone terribly wrong.

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