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HOAX cover image HOAX cover image HOAX cover image
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by: The Philadelphia Experiment Unraveled by P.J. Dowers
Books with a 5 star rating  (7)
Publication Date: August 6, 2012
Book Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Pages: 275
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781620301807

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Book Synopsis
This Isn't the Same Old Song and Dance. Here's the story of the two main characters involved in that 1943 experiment and how the Navy covered it's tracks.
Carlos Allende was not Carl Allen.
Jessup did not die in a Florida park.
Three men and one Social Security number?
Three dead men and only two graves?
How many Allendes? How many Jessups?
This old man, he played us; and so did the Navy.
How many U.S.S. Eldridges?

Customer Comments
Posted: October 12, 2012
Customer comment 5 star rating
Worth reading. Makes you think about what really did happen.
Posted: October 15, 2012
Customer comment 0 star rating
I liked the book. Although it is non-fiction, it is a good mystery. I feel I know the author and her son personally. I think she has given a great in-depth look at something too many people have passed over as science fiction. I'd love to meet her.
Posted: October 17, 2012
Customer comment 5 star rating
This book, without a doubt, shows an ambitious Government cover up. Supporting documentation was presented with a very human, common sense, and down-to-earth view. It is an exceptional book that will make you think and wonder.
Phyllis Neuschwanger
Posted: December 8, 2012
Customer comment 0 star rating
Mr. Brent Raynes of Alternate Perceptions magazine has given HOAX a pat on the back in his online magazine. See the entire review on his website at Thanks for your interest. P. J. Dowers
Phyllis Neuschwanger
Posted: February 25, 2013
Customer comment 0 star rating
Mr. William Cormier, editor of the online publication, The Political Bandit, has given HOAX an over-the-top review. He and others hav said they can't put it down. See the entire review at
Posted: March 25, 2013
Customer comment 0 star rating
Wow-I can't say enough good stuff about this book, Hoax. It is very well written, and so interesting, and well documented. I don't know why some people say it is nonsense. It is only nonsense if you don't know what a liar our government is. They will tell you anything to cover up stuff. I know - I used to work for them! The book tells you about people who tell lies for the government. It also shows you why reviewers who give it a bad review have done so - they are afraid you will read the book and find out the truth.
Posted: May 21, 2014
Customer comment 5 star rating
Interesting subject. Makes you stop and think a bit about what really happened. Good reading.
About The Author

The author and her son knew Carlos Allende. Dowers, a retired secretary, resides in Weld County Colorado.
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