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He Is Me "Breaking Generational Trends"

He Is Me "Breaking Generational Trends" cover image
He Is Me "Breaking Generational Trends" cover image He Is Me "Breaking Generational Trends" cover image He Is Me "Breaking Generational Trends" cover image
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by: Elgin Anderson Sr.
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Publication Date: November 1, 2018
Book Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 83
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781642542103

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Book Synopsis
Once a passive greeter with speech impediments to brash pulpit speaker with smooth colloquialisms on how to keep her. The picture you see is the mental of me. Fall 2017, tiny one bedroom sitting on the balcony writing my way out of a mental cell. Jobless and hungry feeling like I failed, fighting off decisions that could land me in jail. Three nights his legacy lays where I stay, stressed now more than ever I hope he didn’t get my negative traits. Generational trends he passed our way, created this manual to navigate through innate sins daily. 15 months of writing to pull back 35 years of laughter and tears. I've found myself to be healed of things past and more composed with the challenges that are near. I am him, he is me and Jr makes three, the book to erase generational trends is entitled “He Is Me”.
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About The Author
Once an energetic boy who had thoughts of being the next great historic running back, now has become the stoic poet and writer. From the red clay hills of north Florida with the resilience of a bloodline that comes from the south side of Chicago. Father, leader, mentor, and teacher is he. Creator of visions through words hoping the light you will see. Product of a two parent household, older brother and sister with only half of my genes. Youngest child of three, only sibling to complete the childhood journey under his sprouting tree.