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HANDS UP: The Power of Surrender. Defeating Addiction.

HANDS UP: The Power of Surrender. Defeating Addiction. cover image
HANDS UP: The Power of Surrender. Defeating Addiction. cover image HANDS UP: The Power of Surrender. Defeating Addiction. cover image HANDS UP: The Power of Surrender. Defeating Addiction. cover image
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by: R.S. Taylor and Nichole Marie Clara Ollman
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Publication Date: December 2, 2017
Book Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Pages: 120
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
Addiction is a growing epidemic. Addiction touches so many people, making the message of this book relevant to rich, poor or middle class, to rural or suburbia, to inner city teens or elderly wealthy business owners, to black, white, yellow, purple or rainbow, male or female, young or old, straight or otherwise, religious, atheist or agnostic, to you if you are breathing!

The book Hands Up speaks to the addict, the family who loves the person addicted and the community who needs to know more about the disease of addiction. It is a collaboration, written from more than one perspective. It is a collection of RAW, TRANSPARENT truths related to addiction, heroin addiction specifically. No sugar coating. No shame. No hiding. Just writing and speaking the way it really is. The only way we eliminate darkness is to shed light on it. This book contains painfully honest and transparent true stories of two addicts and a parent of an addict.

Self-Help / Substance Abuse & Addictions / General
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About The Author
Rico Taylor has been a game changer, from the very moment he was conceived. Rico is determined to not just change the game, but also BE the change he wants to see. Armed with his hope, hard lessons learned from recovery and more gleaned from his life story, Rico is speaking up continuously, on his personal life mission to change the world, even if one person at a time. Rico travels nationally spreading the message of “Hope” and “Hands Up” humility to millennials experiencing homelessness, battling addiction or facing depression, suicidal thoughts and other mental health challenges. He transparently shares his inspirational story everywhere, including on stages of colleges, community organizations and within middle and high schools. Rico is the father of miniature super genius toddler Abel, aka “Ace,” Taylor.

Nichole Clara Marie Ollman, a “concrete rose” as she has dubbed herself, has experienced true adversity from birth, but her spirit will not be broken. Like that rose, Nichole has burst through the ugliness and tough scenarios life has thrown her way. Determined to grow and live, she manages to see beauty in all, bearing a sweet fragrance and standing tall with eloquence and colorful brilliance as a true overcomer. Nichole is actively a recovery advocate, mentor for young women and professional speaker. She encourages her audiences and mentees “to never give up before the miracle happens.” She is living proof, “IT” will happen. Mother of super awesome young man Brayden, Nichole’s story resonates with young women, teen mothers and single mothers, but especially parents in recovery.