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God's Royal Law: Foundation of Moral Order

God God God
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by: Dr. Robert Fugate
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Publication Date: July 18, 2015
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 88
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9780984742264

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Book Synopsis
Reading God’s Royal Law: Foundation of Moral Order will make you question what you really knew about God’s law. Most Christians unthinkingly parrot a Biblical phrase like, “You are not under law but under grace,” without ever considering what the definition of the word “law” is in this context. That is why God’s Royal Law begins by examining the eight different lexical definitions of the word “law” in the New Testament. Subsequently, several crucial questions are clearly and concisely answered from Scripture. Is God’s law inherently opposed to grace, faith, love, and the Spirit? What different purposes does God’s law serve? What three things was God’s law never designed to do? Are the traditional divisions of God’s law (moral, civil, and ceremonial) Biblically justified? How does Christ relate to “lawless” people? What does the New Testament teach about Old Testament case laws? What is the significance of God writing His law on the hearts of His people in the new covenant?
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About The Author
Robert Fugate is an author, pastor, and theological mentor. He earned a Ph.D. in Christian Intellectual Studies and a M.Div., both from Whitefield Theological Seminary. Robert has written a variety of teaching materials that have been used by pastors and missionaries in over sixty countries. His writings focus on Biblical worldview, presuppositional apologetics, and systematic theology. These books may be viewed at His book, The Bible: God’s Words to You, is a nearly 900-page treatment of the doctrine of Scripture. It is the only comprehensive text on bibliology written from a presuppositional/Biblical-worldview perspective.
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