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God Heals "From Pain to Destiny"

God Heals "From Pain to Destiny" cover image
God Heals "From Pain to Destiny" cover image God Heals "From Pain to Destiny" cover image God Heals "From Pain to Destiny" cover image
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by: Pastor Norma McCoy
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Publication Date: June 9, 2015
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 89
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781633188372

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Book Synopsis
We must trust God, that in His unlimited love and wisdom, He will not allow His people to suffer more than they can bare and will use any suffering to result in good. God can deliver a person from any type of suffering: like sickness, financial troubles, hurt, pain, heartache, loneliness, confusion, no food, trouble in relationships, etc. It is so awesome to experience how God heals us from hurt, lost, lack, abuse and pain. God turns all of that to assist you into moving toward your destiny, He has destined for our life.I encourage you when hurting; don’t seek alcohol, drugs, other people or relationships to try to numb the pain Then you become addictive. You will find yourself often ending up in an abusive and unhealthy relationship. Don’t dwell on the pain on the pain and allow it to continuously have a hold on you, have a hold on your destiny, have a hold on your peace and joy.
Customer Comments
Posted: January 21, 2020
Customer comment 5 star rating
This is an excellent book on Faith and the Power of God's Healing Power. Powerful Testimony.
About The Author
Pastor Norma McCoy is a wife, a mother of 3 wonderful children and a grandmother of 12 awesome grandchildren..
She is married. Pastor Norma has been working in Healthcare for 22 years. She now works at a health clinic where she is currently the Controller there, soon to be Clinic Administrator at a new site.
She has attended, “The Living Word Bible College of Biblical Studies”, and also studied at the College of Biblical Studies on Bible Study Methods.
She has served as an Assistant Pastor and Youth Director. She is known by the youth she taught as Mama Norma.
Early life
Pastor Norma grew up with very little, in a little town named Mossville LA. She was determined to succeed in life and to never experience lack. She was always an extremely quiet and shy little girl that blossomed into a fun, outgoing and determined young woman.
Philosophical beliefs
Pastor Norma believes there is nothing impossible for God. She places all her trusts in Him. She believes through Christ there is nothing she can’t do, there is nothing she can’t conquer or overcome. She owes her life to God and believes she is indeed a walking testimony for Him. She believes her Faith in God can move mountains and through her authority in Christ she walks in victory at all times.