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God’s Mandate for Biblical Education

God’s Mandate for Biblical Education cover image
God’s Mandate for Biblical Education cover image God’s Mandate for Biblical Education cover image God’s Mandate for Biblical Education cover image
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by: Dr. Robert Fugate
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Publication Date: January 28, 2015
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 182
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9780984742233

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Book Synopsis
Education can only be understood from the perspective of worldviews. God’s Mandate for Biblical Education briefly examines the components of worldviews (particularly epistemology), and then presents the Biblical worldview of education. Nine arguments (including the absolute lordship of Jesus Christ and covenant faithfulness) are powerfully presented, demonstrating that Biblically-consistent, comprehensive, Christian education is Biblically-mandated for all subjects of study, for all Christian children. This is followed by six necessary components of Christian education, i.e., Biblically directed: teachers, content, goals, standard, method, and motivations. Foundational presuppositions for a Biblical philosophy of history, language, and science are taught. Additional topics include: What is the Biblical role of the church and the state in the education of children? and, Is “classical” Christian education Biblical?
Endorsed by: E. Ray Moore; Bruce Shortt; Phillip Kayser; Tom Rose.
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About The Author
Robert Fugate is an author, pastor, and theological mentor. He earned a Ph.D. in Christian Intellectual Studies and a M.Div., both from Whitefield Theological Seminary. Robert has written a variety of teaching materials that have been used by pastors and missionaries in over sixty countries. His writings focus on Biblical worldview, presuppositional apologetics, and systematic theology. These books may be viewed at His book, The Bible: God’s Words to You, is a nearly 900-page treatment of the doctrine of Scripture. It is the only comprehensive text on bibliology written from a presuppositional/Biblical-worldview perspective.
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