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Flight Testing Experimental Amateur-Built Airplanes, A Pilot's Home Companion, Combined Landplane and Seaplane Edition

Flight Testing Experimental Amateur-Built Airplanes, A Pilot
Flight Testing Experimental Amateur-Built Airplanes, A Pilot Flight Testing Experimental Amateur-Built Airplanes, A Pilot Flight Testing Experimental Amateur-Built Airplanes, A Pilot
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by: Terrence Donovan, George Cusimano, David Golllings
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Publication Date: September 9, 2018
Book Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 269
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781733778909

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Book Synopsis
From the Landplane Preface >
...this Guide attempts to present the essentials of safe and technically sound flight testing to the E-AB pilot community in a practical, easy to understand way. The flight test topics deemed important to E-AB flight testing derive directly from NTSB recommendations and latest FAA guidance. They represent a mixture of test philosophy and how-to-do-it flight test techniques subjects with an overall emphasis on best practices and safe test conduct.

From the Landplane and Seaplane Preface >
… there are differences in test procedures between landplanes and seaplanes and they deal with their ground and water handling regardless of whether or not the airplanes under consideration are certificated or amateur-built. Given these facts, the safety considerations, risk management concepts, and flight test procedures presented in the original Landplane Edition of this handbook are relevant to seaplanes and are included in this Combined Landplane and Seaplane Edition.
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About The Author
Terrence J. Donovan is President and Chief Scientist/Research Pilot at Southern Waypoint Research Corporation. Most recently, he was Chief Scientist and Test Pilot Instructor at the National Test Pilot School and FAA Designated Engineering Representative, Flight Test Pilot/Flight Analyst. Terry has over 35 years of research and test flying.

George Cusimano, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Vector, LLC, (aviation consulting services). He is a flight test engineer and educator with 40+ years of research, development, and leading-edge technology testing experience.

David Gollings is a FAA Designated Engineering Representative/Flight Test Pilot and holds a U.S. Airline Transport Pilot certificate with Land, Sea, Glider, and eight aircraft Type Ratings. He also has a Transport Canada Commercial Pilot License with two Type Ratings. Dave has logged 7000+ flight hours in 110 aircraft types during is 30+ years as a Flight Test Pilot.
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