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Faith in Heroin Anonymous

Faith in Heroin Anonymous cover image
Faith in Heroin Anonymous cover image Faith in Heroin Anonymous cover image Faith in Heroin Anonymous cover image
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by: A Bill Friend
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Publication Date: March 14, 2019
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 54
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781645501077

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Book Synopsis
The things a heroin addict believes about themselves and drugs are, psychologically speaking, what keeps the addiction alive. Faith in Heroin Anonymous looks at the role addiction beliefs play in active heroin addiction. There are conscious beliefs, for example "If that doctor had not taken away my pain meds I would not have become a heroin addict". And there are subconscious beliefs that develop over time, as the heroin addict wishes to and tries to quit heroin. In most addicts subconscious beliefs form that sobriety is just not possible for them individually. This belief, hidden from everyone including the heroin addict, sabotages sincere attempts at recovery and becomes ever stronger doing that. For recovery to be successful the addiction beliefs must be displaced by sober beliefs. This book is about that process; how it happens in successful cases of lasting sobriety in Heroin Anonymous.
Customer Comments
Posted: March 14, 2019
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A new way of looking at 12 Step spirituality, philosophy actually. Most of the faith and belief talked about is human belief. Who the addict believes they are and the reasons the use(reasons they believe addiction MUST continue). A very interesting take on the psychological side of heroin addiction. Beliefs both conscious and subconscious creating the personal "world" the addict lives in. A real alternative personal reality addicts build within themselves.
How they begin to lose faith in their own lies. How this readies them for bottom which is just the place in life where they finally get honest with themselves and decide to quit. The role Heroin Anonymous plays in helping them capitalize on that decision. The role of a sponsor and the heroin anonymous fellowship in creating new sober beliefs that helps them stay sober. THE AUTHOR IS NOT A PARROT. THIS IS NOT THE SAME OLD STUFF YOU HAVE HEARD SAID AROUND AA FOR YEARS.
About The Author
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A Bill Friend is the pen name of a person that must remain anonymous. A new way of looking at addiction and recovery that is a motivation for getting sober and practicing the program. Author provides the why to the Big Books how.
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