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Ethics of Reiki

Ethics of Reiki cover image
Ethics of Reiki cover image Ethics of Reiki cover image Ethics of Reiki cover image
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by: LouC Diamond
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Publication Date: July 25, 2014
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 32
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
Just for today embrace peace-
Where nothing is honored there can not be peace. Now is the time for peace, health, and well being. Within
these pages you will learn secrets to opening up your consciousness to finding your own peace. Deal with problems in an all new way that is centuries old. Learn to grow yourself, listen to yourself, and be a better person to yourself. This book is all about you and for you. Page by page this life changing book will empower your spirit and give you what you expect from a book of this kind. A fresh new perspective and a positive outlook minute after minute, page after page.
Coming Soon: The ancient secrets revealed in 'the Sensual Life' will create a personal power in your life that will never again shut down. You will be able to control the most stressful situations with ease and grace, you will learn to maneuver your life in such a way as to NEVER have any REGRETS again! Even mistakes you have made in the past will disapear as you learn to discover y
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About The Author
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Lucy Diamond is a Reiki teacher but she says that all things are teachers. She has a gentleness about her that flows through with these written words.
This beautiful author is also the Founder and CEO of Radio since Jan 1996
and Intuitive Life Network since Feb 2003 to present, which
is an internet based radio station. Lucy is a true friend and mentor to her many fans.
She is currently in Lexington, Massachusetts and is following her dreams and setting goals in the Reiki fashion. I feel that you will truly enjoy reading/learning from
this book. Bio & About by: Author Leesia Champion
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