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Drowning in Plain Sight

Drowning in Plain Sight cover image
Drowning in Plain Sight cover image Drowning in Plain Sight cover image Drowning in Plain Sight cover image
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by: len parsons
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Publication Date: October 9, 2017
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 41
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
Chapter 1 The Pool

It was the summer of 1965 a very hot day in Carrolton Texas, just outside of the Dallas Fort Worth area. I was Going to be 6 years old in the fall and I loved to watch Saturday morning cartoons. One day my family decided to go to the pool , in our family just going somewhere as a family was strange in itself,I don’t really recall going Anywhere we didn’t have to go.So as you can imagine I was very excited about going to the pool, now I hate to admit this but I don’t think I even knew what a pool was ,
“Mom said you go swimming there ,well I didn’t really know what that was either. My Big brother Larry was excited and so was I, it was going to be great!
When we got to the pool there were so many people maybe a hundred if I could count that high. Kids ,parents , picnic tables and people running all over everywhere , it was really something and my brother and I joined right in. Daddy told me to go down to the ladder and jump in and I did .It was so much fun splashing and flopping around that I made my way back out of the pool tip toeing on the bottom as I went. It was so much fun I did it over and over.
“Momma said not to run or the Lifeguard would blow the whistle at me ,so I slowed down but kept right on having the time of my life. Then I made a fateful decision I ran back down to the ladder and jumped in on the other side of the ladder and found there was No Bottom to tiptoe on!

.“What happened Next was like slow motion .Try as I might I could not keep my head above water, I managed to get to the top a couple of times just to sink back down. At 5 years old My Entire Knowledge of life came from the cartoons I watched on Saturday mornings and if I was sure of anything I was drowning ! I kept count and I had gone down 3 times and I really thought I had died because that is when you got your wings and flew off into the sky in the cartoons. I must be dead I thought very clearly. The panic stopped and every thing slowed down except for the sounds,I could still see up past the surface and see the kids , parents and the Lifeguard on his tower right above me .Today at 58 years old I can tell you what he looked like but he never noticed me Because as I was drowning in plain sight he was talking to a beautiful girl.I remember thinking I’m gonna miss my Mom, and suddenly there was this “big splash ,an explosion of water and sound as I saw this Blur of Someone jumping in to save me. My Dad had Jumped in bluejeans,shoes, wallet,watch,paper Drivers License and All! I was Not dead but Alive ! My Dad loved me enough to save me.

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