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Dog Behavior Book

Dog Behavior Book cover image
Dog Behavior Book cover image Dog Behavior Book cover image
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by: David Christopher
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Publication Date: January 12, 2013
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 52
Binding: Perfect Bound

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Book Synopsis
Humans buy dogs for many reasons usually because we want companionship and a dog will love unconditionally. Anybody who has ever owned a dog can tell you that they are called man’s best friend for reason and dogs often become part of our family. When man’s best friend suddenly begins to misbehave and exhibit bad behavior that they have not exhibited in the past, it can be like raising a problem child.

You love the dog, but they are driving you up the wall. Sadly, behavior problems are a common reason that people give up their pets but there is another way!

With some simple and easy-to-do home training methods, you can re-train you faithful and loved four-legged family member back into his good habits.

It does not matter if you have brought a new dog home that has misbehaved from day one, or if you long-time canine companion has suddenly started a new and unwanted behavior, this book will help.
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About The Author
David Christopher grew up around animals, especially dogs and learned to train them from his father. He took his love of animals and opened his own obedience school, which he runs with his wife in Oakland, California. From group classes to one-on-one sessions, he is very well known for his ability to help correct dog behavior. David also fosters dogs for rescue groups, helping to socialize fearful and abused dogs so that they learn how to trust again and can be adopted out to new families.
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