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Decreasing Depression

Decreasing Depression cover image
Decreasing Depression cover image Decreasing Depression cover image Decreasing Depression cover image
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by: Glendora Dvine
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Publication Date: November 18, 2020
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 100
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781648588679

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Book Synopsis
Depression is different in everyone. Some people also feel that depression is hard to put words to and explain to another person. A smile could be a cover-up of hurt and tears could be streams of joy. It is “normal” to not understand how to cope when one is feeling symptoms associated with depression. It is also “normal” to TAKE ACTION to get help. Seeking professional help and using this self-guided journal can be your way of making depression a thing of the past! “One Life – Live, don’t just exist!”
Keeping thoughts and feelings in one’s head can help add to the symptoms of depression, therefore this journal book was created to help with healing from the mental illness of depression. This journal book helps readers learn various ways to combat depression by allowing space for them to write out what has worked in the past and learning new coping skills that may help in the future. The reader will be able to verbally express themselves through writing as well as partaking in activities that increases their natural serotonin levels. This book is for adults who are realizing that life has a bunch of lemons and sometimes it is really hard to make lemonade. Adults that are wanting to improve their overall feelings as they move through life hurdles will rejoice with this journal as they learn how to better cope with life challenges by having coping skills that work for depression at their fingertips. This journal provides solutions for depression using coping skills for one’s mental, physical, and emotional needs. Special features of this journal book are large print, interactive pages, easy to read, and useful resource for professional help, if needed.
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About The Author
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Founder of Dvine Systems GA, a mental and behavioral health practice that was established 2010. Since 2014, Glendora has been providing Distant Counseling. Through Dvine Systems GA, Glendora has become recognized for her passion in three primary areas 1) Family safeguarding 2) Individuality growth 3)Telemental Health Awareness